13 Hilarious Text Messages From Parents To Their Children

Technology is something that has changed the way we live in many different ways, so much so that it’s hard sometimes to pinpoint exactly which technology has had the most impact on our lives. It wasn’t that long ago when we were living in an age where most families didn’t own a personal computer or a cell phone for that matter. And smartphones were devices we saw on science fiction shows and movies. But today’s technology is moving at such a rapid pace that it seems like we are seeing changes all around us day by day. Even if you think that you are “in-the-know” when it comes to the latest technologies, you can still find yourself blindsided by some of the newest innovations out there.

Many of us can still remember when the VCR, went from an ultra-luxury item to a household staple. I still remember helping my dad program our first VCR. Now it seems that the generation who once helped their parents program VCRs need assistance from their kids to understand the newest technologies. One such technology is text messaging. We no longer communicate with each other via the written letter, or in many cases, verbally over the phone. Now everything is through texting, emails, and instant messaging through our social media accounts. It’s a different way to communicate, but it’s still possible to get your point across. Well, most of the time.

The generation gap seems to be closing in certain ways. Sure children today understand technology to a large extent better than their parents, but that doesn’t mean parents can’t get the upper hand from time to time. There are no clearer examples than these 13 text messages, where parents prove they’ve still got it.














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