25 Teachers Who Have the Most Hilarious Way of Dealing with Students

I’m sure that most people would probably agree that teachers have a rather difficult existence. If you have a heart for teaching, you won’t mind being in the classroom with the students but that doesn’t mean that everything is going to go perfectly on any given day. Sometimes, you just need to look forward to any good experiences that you have and sometimes, you just need to learn how to make lemonade when the classroom hands you lemons. As long as you are able to laugh a little bit at what is taking place in front of you, you might just find that you make it another day.

Of course, even though teaching is a difficult and sometimes thankless profession, there are teachers who have figured out exactly how to deal with any problems that occur. We discussed making lemonade out of lemons and sometimes, the best way to do this is to simply make a joke and perhaps even step outside of the lines on occasion. You would want to make sure that you kept it within any guidelines that may be established by the school system in your local area but if you add a little bit of laughter into the mix, you will find that it helps you and it helps the students as well.

Take a look at the following 25 examples of teachers who knew how to have fun on the job and weren’t afraid to cut loose on occasion.

1. We all get it

2. He won the prize

3. I had to think about this one

4. Chemistry can be funny

5. Go for the extra credit

6. Perfectly logical

7. Use the force

8. Whatever gets you through the day

9. Excellent idea

10. Science as a meme

11. He can’t deny it now

12. Good answer

13. Everybody wins

14. Don’t walk off with the pen

15. Touché

16. You will never steal these pencils

17. We get it

18. At least you have a backup

19. How would you have done?

20. I love it

21. Which would you choose?

22. Physics can be fun

23. Tell it like it is

24. RIP Pluto

25. The Lego teacher

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