3 Animals End Up In Court

What is it that makes a good joke? There are many things that may be involved, such as a good story, a funny punchline, or something totally unexpected.

In the following joke, we actually have a combination of quite a few different things that make it one of the funniest jokes we’ve heard in a very long time. Not only do we have animals showing up in court, they are defending themselves and getting away with a crime!

The story will pull you in and you will wonder where it is going next. When he finally hit the punchline, however, you can’t help but laugh out loud. Enjoy this joke. They don’t come along very often.

A duck, a pigeon, and a chicken all walk into a courtroom.

The judge asked the duck, “What is your crime?”

The duck responds, “I was blowing bubbles in front of City Hall.”

The judge says, “There’s no crime committed here, you’re free to go.”

The judge then asks the pigeon, “What is your crime?”

The pigeon responds, “I was also blowing bubbles in front of City Hall.”

The judge looks a little confused but finally says, “There’s no crime committed here, you’re also free to go.”

Lastly, the chicken walks up to the judge, and the judge asks, “What is your crime?”

The chicken, first looking back at the pigeon and the duck, then turning to the judge says, “I’m bubbles.”

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