A boy wanted to borrow $50 from his dad

“Dad, Can I ask you something?” the young boy said.

“Of course, what is it? ” replied the father.

“How much money do you earn per hour?”- The young boy said.

“Why you are asking me this?” Replied the father.

“I would really like to know. Can you please tell me how much do you earn? ” the boy said.

“If you really have to know I make $100per hour.” Replied the father.

“So, Dad can you lend me $50?” The father turned red from anger and scolded his son because he assumed h needed the money just to buy some toys or other nonsense.

He told his son to go to bed immediately and think about what he just said and why he is being selfish.

The boy went to his room without saying a word and slowly closed the door.

Once the man calmed down, he thought about how he treated his son earlier.

He wondered why his son wanted the money and thought he might really need it as he does not ask for it often.

He went to his son’s bedroom and asked him if he is asleep.

As his son was awake, he told him that he was thinking about what happened and thought he was too hard on him.

He explained to his son that he had a long day and he overreacted. Then, he gave his son the money he asked for.

The boy thanked him, took the money and then reached for a pile of crumpled bills from under his pillow.

As the father saw his son already had money, he was about to burst out at him again while the boy slowly counted his bills.

The father asked why he wanted more money since he already had some.

The boy replied: “Because I didn’t have enough, but now I do. I have $100 now, can I buy one hour of your time? ”

“Could you please come home earlier tomorrow and have dinner with me?”

The father burst into tears hugged his son and begged for his forgiveness.

This story is as simple reminder to all hour hard-working parents out there.

Times passes by so fast and life just slips through our fingers.

Always remember to spend enough time with the people who really matter to you.

Remember to share that $100 worth of your precious time with the people you love because there are things much more important than money.

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