A Desperate Eagle Goes Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

Many single folks complain about just how tough the dating scene is nowadays. Finding love in person can be a bit of a challenge and nearly impossible if you’re online. These days it’s so easy for people to misrepresent themselves, convincing desperate and lonely people to do things they normally would not do without ever meeting in person. And things are not always easy for our friends in the animal kingdom either. Take this story of a desperate eagle, for example, he only wished to find the perfect mate, but instead, he found nothing but headaches.

An Eagle goes searching for a mate.[1]

He swoops down and picks up a loon.

Image Source: Pexels

The loon looks up at him and coos,

“I’m a loon, I’m a loon, I love to spoon.”

The eagle realizes this will not work, so he kicks the loon away and finds a hawk, which immediately starts repeating,

“I’m a hawk, I’m a hawk, I just want to talk.”

Image Source: Pexels

Realizing that that will not work, he kicks off the hawk and soon catches a dove.

She croons, “I’m a dove, I’m a dove, I love to love.”

Frustrated now at three failed attempts, the eagle kicks out the dove and flies over to the lake

where he picks up a duck.

The duck turns to him and quacks,

“I’m a drake, I’m a drake, you made a mistake!”

Image Source: Pexels

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