A Game Show Host Is Talking To A Rabbit

A game show host is talking to a rabbit
The host looks at his question card.
“Okay, here is your first question: What is 7 plus 5?”
“Twelve”, replied the rabbit.
“That’s correct! Now for question 2: What is 56 minus 37?”
The rabbit thought for a moment. “Nineteen”
“That’s correct! Okay, now here is your grand prize question:
How much is 1,297 times 142?”
And without skipping a beat, the rabbit immediately replied,
“184,174, what else?”
The host is surprised.
“That’s correct! But tell me, how did you get the final answer so quickly?”
“Oh, that’s easy,” said the rabbit.
“If there’s one thing us rabbits can do, it’s multiply!”

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