A Goat Saves The Day

There are times when we hear a joke and it is nothing more than a story that makes us laugh. At other times, however, we may hear a joke and learn a lesson from it.

I have to admit, I like laughing at jokes but I also like learning a lesson whenever possible. It’s something that we can use in life and we may even get a chuckle when we find ourselves in such a situation.

In this joke, you learn a valuable lesson but you also get to laugh at the hilarity of the punch line. It is just one of those stories that will crack you up but every time you find yourself in a certain situation at work, you will remember the joke and the lesson it taught you.

There was a farmer who had a horse and a goat. One day, the horse became very ill and he called the veterinarian, who said: “Well, your horse has a virus. He must take this medicine for three days. I’ll come back on the 3rd day and if he’s not better, we’re going to have to put him to sleep.”

Nearby, the goat listened closely to their conversation.

The next day, the Vet gave him the medicine and left.

The goat approached the horse and said:

“Be strong, friend. Get up or else they’re going to put you to sleep!”

On the second day, the doc again gave him the medicine and left.

The goat came back and said: – “Come on buddy, get up or else you’re going to die! Come on, I’ll help you get up”.

Let’s go! One, two, three… but the poor horse wouldn’t get up!

On the third day, the Vet gave one look at the horse and said:

“Unfortunately, we’re going to have to put him down tomorrow. Otherwise, the virus might spread and infect the other horses.”

After they left, the goat approached the horse and said: “Listen pal, it’s now or never! Get up, come on! Have courage! Come on! Get up! Get up! That’s it, slowly! Great! Come on, one, two, three… Good, good. Now faster, come on… Fantastic! Run, run more!

Yes! Yay! Yes! You did it, you’re a champion!!!”

All of a sudden, the owner came back to the farm, saw the horse running on the field … he was not aware of goats role in this. He began shouting: “It’s a miracle! My horse is cured. We must have a Grand celebration…

Let’s cook the goat!!!!”

Corporate Lesson:

‘Whatever you do, always mark a CC to your boss’

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