A Gorilla Walks Into A Bar

The gorilla walks past the barkeeper and takes a seat.

The Barkeeper is confused and scared at the same time.

*”A gorilla in my bar? Well thats not happening very often…”* thinks the barkeeper and starts shaking

Then the gorilla stands up, goes to the bar and says

“I would like to have a beer please!”*,* turns around and goes back to his seat.

*”Ok, what is going on here? What do I do? Stop overthinking Steve, instead act smart! Milk the moment! He won’t notice anyway!”*

The barkeeper works up the courage to serve the beer and says

“That’ll be 20$ please!”

The gorilla takes out his purse and hands the barman a 20$ bill.

With a big smile over his face he goes back to his bar, but stops midway, turns around and says:

“Let me ask you one thing please, we dont have gorillas very often in here…”

The gorilla interrupts him half sentence and says

“At 20 dollars a beer, I can imagine that pretty well!”

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