A Little Boy Stumped The Pope With A Simple Question About God

There was a boy who had a question about God.

He goes to his local priest to see if he has an answer. The boy presents the question and the priest is completely at a loss of words. The question was so challenging that he could not give an answer. Unwilling to let the boy go unsatisfied without an answer, the priest takes the boy to a local bishop who knows even more about religion than the priest.

The boy approaches the bishop and asks him the same question. Again, the bishop has no answer that will satisfy any of the parties. Seeing that the boy is getting discouraged that no one can answer the question the bishop sends the boy directly to the Vatican to talk to the pope.

This pope was very popular among the people. And he knew everything. He was so smart they called him Pope The Wise. The boy walks up to the pope and asks him the question. The pope begins to answer but then gets choked up and realizes that not even he has the answer to the question.

As all hope was just about to be lost, an old nun walks into the room. The nun asks the boy to ask her this famous question and the boy does. The nun formulates the most perfect answer to the boy’s question. Almost everyone rejoices and all is good.

Except the pope looks a little upset. He exclaims “This is impossible! Explain to me how a simple nun could be smarter than me! Pope The Wise?!”

But she was Nun The Wiser.

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