A Man Bought Three Chickens

One day a man bought three chickens and brought to his wife to cook.

After she finished, the wife took small pieces of the meat to taste.

It was so delicious, the wife took another piece to taste.

Little by little the women finished all the chickens before the husband comes back.

On coming home the husband came together with a stranger.

He left the stranger out side to go and bring food for them.

He told the wife to make the food ready as he has a visitor.

Hearing that the wife sneek to go and meet the man outside.

She asked the man,

“Are you the person who come together with the owner of this house?”

The man said yes.

The woman said,

“you know this man has some mental illness. He is there shaping a knife that he want to cut one of your ears. I advice you to run before he meet you hear. The man immediately took to his heels.

The wife then rushed back to the house.

“My husband what sort of man did you bring to us? I took the chickens for you and seized them and start running. Please take this knife and follow to cut even a little piece for us. I really suffered cooking and it can’t be in vein.”

The stranger saw the owner of the house following him with a knife in his hand.

He runs faster thinking what the man’s wife has told him was true.

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