A Man With A Great Dane And A Man With A Chihuahua Go To A Local Pub

A man with a great Dane and a man with a Chihuahua go to a local pub after their walk, but it had a sign that says

“no pets allowed”

One of the men says to the other

“how will we bring our dogs inside?”

The second man gives his friend a pair of very dark sunglasses and says

“do what I do.”

He goes inside and the manager says

“Sorry, no pets allowed.”

The man says

“You don’t understand. This is my guide dog.”

“A great Dane? Really?” Says the manager.

“Yeah, they just got them into service. He’s great at protecting me, and his sense of smell allows me to easily find my way around the city”

The manager decides to let him in.

The man with the Chihuahua was watching carefully and thought to himself how hard can this be? So he puts on his sunglasses and goes to the bar.

The manager sees him and says once again:

“sorry sir, not pets allowed.”

You don’t understand, this is my guide dog.”

“A chihuahua? I don’t think so!”


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