A Special Birthday’s Gift

One day a little girl asked her father, “Daddy what you will give me on my 15th birthday?”

The father replied “There is a lot of time in your 15th birthday. We will decide later.

When the girl turned 14, she had an attack. She was taken to a hospital’s emergency ward. Later, the girl was shifted to ICU.

The doctors found out that her heart is not able to work anymore, due to a serious heart problem.

The doctors told her father that the girl is probably going to die, If she doesn’t get a heart transplant.

The father was shocked to know that. He went in to see her daughter. His heart drowned to see her little daughter lying on the bed fighting death.

He went near to her as she spoke, “Daddy! Did you find out that my heart doesn’t work properly and I’m going to die?”

The father replied, “No! You will live. I won’t let you die.” The tears rolled down his eyes.

The daughter said, “How can you say that?”

He said, “Because I know my dear daughter”. Take some rest. I’ll be back soon.

Well, her father never returned to see her again.

The girl turned almost 15 when she was recovering from her heart disease. She came home and finds a letter on the table which said,

“My dearest daughter, if you are reading this, it means all went well as I told you.

One day you asked me what I was going to give you on your 15th birthday. I wasn’t sure then but now my present to you is my heart”

Her father donated his heart to save his daughter.

Love your parents as much as you can because you can never repay them for all their sacrifices. We are so busy growing up that we forget they are growing old too.

Treat them with all the love and care as they treated you, If not, you will realize their value when you’ll see their empty chair. Don’t run out of the time before it’s too late.

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