Arrogant Rich Snob Browbeats Single Mom Who Couldn’t Afford Son’s Birthday Cake

For victims of public humiliation, such as verbal attacks, they can feel as though they are less than a person. This holds true for a lot of hardworking single moms out there struggling to make ends meet while raising a child or several children on their own. There are a lot of opinionated jerks in the world who love nothing more than take cheap shots at those less fortunate than they are. And watching good people suffer abuse at the hands of these kinds of people is often very frustrating because a lot of people don’t dare to stand up to the abuser. They either feel it isn’t their place or just freeze up when the moment to step up presents itself.  But, the customer in this fictional joke did step up in defense of a single mom who was being browbeaten by an arrogant rich snob because she couldn’t afford to buy her son a birthday cake. What this good Samaritan did next was incredible.

(I’m in line to pay. Customer #1 in front of me is about in his 4os, and very well-dressed in a suit and tie. Customer #2 in front of him seems to be a single mother with her child. I’m pretty shabbily dressed (day off); wearing only faded jeans, an old, novelty Star Wars shirt, and have my long hair almost covering my eyes.)

Customer #1: “Lady, can you hurry up! Some people are important and actually have places to be!”

(Customer #2 is fumbling with her money. In her cart, she only has basic groceries and what appears to be a birthday cake for her child. She mumbles something about not having enough money, and decides to leave the cake behind.)

Customer #1: “Don’t waste everyone’s time if you can’t even pay for your s***! Or maybe you need another government handout that comes from my taxes?!”

(At this point, I feel like I’ve got to step in.)

Me: “Hey man, that’s enough!”

Customer #1: “Who do you think you are? I’ll have you know I’m the [high profile position] at [large shipping company], and no one ever talks to me like that.”

(Suddenly, I become much more respectful.)

Me: “I’m so sorry, sir. I had no idea you were so important. Would you mind if I asked you for your business card?”

(Customer #1 smugly hands me his card. I see he is, indeed, who he says he is.)

Me: “And here’s my business card.”

Customer #1: “Why the h*** would I want your”

(Customer #1 suddenly goes pale, as he notices that I am co-owner of [large shipping company].)

Me: “Now that I know your name, I’ll be sure to phone your supervisor to ensure you’re put on probation. One more act like this and you’re fired.”

(Customer #1 stammers for a bit, before practically running from the store. I end up paying for the mother’s cake, and even gave them a bit extra to buy the kid any toy from the store.)

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