As Soon As the Poor Grandmother Walked In Their Shop, the Snooty Dress Clerks Sneered

To be a good salesperson, one needs to have a pleasant and consistent personality. If you devote every ounce of your knowledge, kindness, patience, and willingness to be helpful to every interaction, then you are almost guaranteed an overall successful career. In fact, sometimes, just being friendly and willing to help is even more beneficial than knowing a lot about what you’re selling! People want to be listened to and respected, and for that kind of treatment, they are usually willing to overlook minor things like inexperience. In fact, when I used to be in sales, I would have a few customers give me some advice and teach me a thing or two about what I was selling! However, the ladies in this fictional story didn’t apply these best practices when they saw a poor old grandmother walk through the door.

The security clerk pretended to check tickets on the dress rack nearest the door. Her eyes carefully scanned a woman who stood hesitatingly just inside the boutique door.The clerk took a quick mental snapshotold shoes with run-over heels, a small run in her right stocking, out of-style leather handbag, crinkly black nylon dress at least fifteen years old and straggly hair. Not the image of this store’s usual clientele. She approached the woman, asking the mundane, “May I help you?”

The elderly woman smiled and whispered, “Yes, I need a dress.” The surprised security clerk quickly signaled a nearby salesperson who hurried over to the waiting customer. Store policy toward the less desirable was, “Wait on them quickly; get them out of sight.”

“How may I help you?” the sales clerk asked. This would only take a moment, and then she could go on her morning break.

“My only granddaughter is getting married. I need a complete outfit for the wedding. I want her to be proud of me. Just tell me what I should wear.’

“You mean you want to see a bridal consultant?” the clerk asked incredulously. The woman nodded her head and followed the clerk to small oval room filled with fancy clothes.

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