Elderly Husband Tells His Wife That He Wants To Remarry

You can ask anyone who’s been married for a while, and they’ll probably tell you that marriage isn’t always a walk in the park. It takes hard work sometimes and a lot of patience, not just with your partner and children, but also with yourself. Many issues that couples don’t notice while dating typically show themselves after they get married. Sometimes these bad habits and behaviors can be too much for a marriage to deal with. But there are other times when a couple can find humor and strength in those differences, using them to grow a deeper love and appreciation for their spouse. In the following joke, this elderly couple gives us a perfect example of this skill. The husband thinks he can get under his wife’s skin by telling her he wants to remarry, but she has the ideal answer to knock back his way!

An elderly man jokingly quipped to his wife that she wasn’t holding up her end of the marriage. What she said to him in response is absolutely priceless. You’ll laugh your ass off. After being married for 50 years, I took a careful look at my wife one day and said: “Fifty years ago we had a cheap house, a junk car, slept on a sofa bed and watched a 10-inch black and white TV, but I got to sleep with a hot 23-year-old girl every night.

Now, I have a $750,000 home, a $45,000 car, a nice big bed and a large screen TV, but I’m sleeping with a 69-year-old woman. It seems to me that you’re not holding up your side of things.”

My wife is a very reasonable woman. She told me to go out and find a hot 23-year-old girl and she would make sure that I would once again be living in a cheap house, driving a junk car, sleeping on a sofa bed and watching a 10-inch black and white TV.

Aren’t older women great? They really know how to solve an old guy’s problems.

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