Farm Neighbor Brings Over His Bull

If there’s anything that women know about better than anyone, it has to be lame pick up lines guys throw at them left and right. Seriously, ladies, some of the things that come out of our mouths when trying to impress y’all belongs in the facepalming hall of fame. Now, some guys actually think they are putting a lot of thought into delivering the perfect line, while others are just trying to say anything for a reaction and play the numbers game until it works. The young man in this fictional joke thought he had found the perfect opportunity to hit on his neighbor’s daughter when his dad brought over their family’s bull.

A farmer arranges with his neighbor to have the neighbor bring his bull over to inseminate the farmer’s cow.

While the bull is doing the business with the cow,

The farmer’s son and the neighbor’s daughter are leaning on the fence watching the whole thing.

The farmer’s son nudges the neighbor’s daughter, winks and says to her,

“You know, I wouldn’t mind doing a little of what that bull’s doing.”

She replies,

“Go right ahead. She is your cow, after all!”

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