Giraffe Teases a Frog

Animals in nature are all different with unique traits. Some seem like they have more advantages than others, however most creatures today only exist because they have a useful quality that ensures their survival. In other words, those animals with genuine disadvantages are most likely extinct. It’s easy to look at some creatures and compare them to others—the famous fairy tale about the tortuous and the hare. But, as we know from reading the story, not every advantage equates to victory, sometimes are the ones you don’t expect who ends up on top. For example, take this fictional joke about a giraffe teasing a frog for not having a neck.

A giraffe was visiting a waterhole in Africa when he spotted a frog.

“Hey,” he said to the frog, “you’ve got no neck!”

The frog said: “Why would I need a neck like yours?”

The giraffe replied:

“With a neck like mine, you could enjoy life to the full. You see, when I eat something, it takes so long to go down that I can enjoy it all the way. I can savour every second. When I drink fresh water, I can feel it going from my lips to my stomach for ages. It adds a bit of extra quality to my life.”

The frog said: “You’ve obviously never thrown up then!”

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