Grandma Explains Why She Doesn’t Have a Boyfriend

When my grandfather died, my grandmother never remarried and she certainly never dated. It’s hard to imagine this dignified little old lady out on a date with some dude she was trying to impress. She seemed happy alone with her children and grandchildren as an occasional company. And of course, her television. It seems there was never a shortage of anything to watch and I’ll never forget my Granny’s old rabbit ear antenna on her TV in the bedroom. But in the living room, she had her big set that looked like a piece of furniture. Things sure have changed when it comes to how we watch our favorite shows. One thing that hasn’t changed is that kids say the darndest things, and even when they don’t know what they’re saying, it can be shocking or funny. Many kids probably wonder about the strange behavior of adults, too, and the things we say.  The kid in the joke below has no idea just how shocking what he said sounded to his grandmother’s preacher. Enjoy this crazy funny joke.

A 5-year-old boy went to visit his grandmother one day. Playing with his toys in her bedroom while grandma was dusting, he looked up and said, ‘Grandma, how come you don’t have a boyfriend now that Grandpa went to heaven?’

Grandma replied, ‘Honey, my TV is my boyfriend. I can sit in my bedroom and watch it all day long. The religious programs make me feel good and the comedies make me laugh. I’m happy with my TV as my boyfriend.’

Grandma turned on the TV, and the reception was terrible. She started adjusting the knobs, trying to get the picture in focus. Frustrated, she started hitting the backside of the TV hoping to fix the problem.

The little boy heard the doorbell ring, so he hurried to open the door, and there stood Grandma’s minister. The minister said, ‘Hello son, is your Grandma home?’

The little boy replied, ‘Yeah, she’s in the bedroom bangin’ her boyfriend.’

The minister fainted.

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