Here’s A Hilarious Joke Regarding A Pastor And His Donkey

Sometimes, media outlets can be misleading about the information that they deliver. It’s unfortunate, but it can also make for a funny story at times.

Carl A. recently shared a story online, and the events of the story weren’t exactly what happened in real life.

It’s a story that is comical and one that will likely make you think.

A pastor decided to enter a donkey into a race. The donkey won the race. Seeing that the animal might be good luck, the pastor decided to enter him into the race again.

The donkey won his second race as well. When the story was run in the local paper, the headline read: “Pastor’s Ass Out Front.

This headline got a lot of people talking about what the pastor was doing. The pastor was also upset because the headline made it sound like he was doing something illegal.

When the Bishop read the story, he told the pastor to stop racing the donkey.

However, the headline the next day was a bit more unpleasant than the one before. It read: “Bishop Scratches Pastor’s Ass.

The pastor had to get rid of the animal before any other headline leaked out in the newspaper.

After some searching, the pastor found a home for the donkey at a convent. The newspaper printed: “Nun Has Best Ass In Town.

The donkey was sold to a farmer because of the bad publicity that was being given to the animal and the people who owned him. The newspaper printed: “Nun Sells Ass For $10.

The bishop was going crazy with all these headline, so he ordered the nun to purchase back the donkey and release it to the fields where it could run wild.

Next day, the newspaper printed: “Nun Announces Her Ass Is Wild And Free.

The bishop was buried the next day.

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