Johnny Is Sat In His Back Garden

Little Johnny is sitting in his back garden when his grandad comes out.

‘Grandad, I’m Bored”. says Jonny

‘ I’ll tell you what then’ says Grandad. He picks a worm up from the lawn and says to Jonny.

‘If you can get this worm back into its wormhole then I’ll give you £10, that should keep you occupied ‘.

Little Jonny thinks for a while then goes upstairs to his mother’s bedroom.

He comes back with a can of hair spray.

He puts his foot on one end of the worm and stretches it out as far as it will go.

Then he sprays the worm with hair spray, waits for a minute then lets go of the worm, and it is straight and rigid.

Then Jonny slips the worm into its worm hole.

Grandad is super surprised and gives Jonny £10

The next day Jonny is in the garden again and Grandad comes out and gives Jonny another £10.

‘Whats this for Grandad? ‘

‘Thats from your grandma ‘ replies Grandad.’

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