Man Walks His Pitbull With No Leash

One of the biggest decision that any dog lover is going to make is choosing the type of dog breed that will eventually become a part of their life. There are so many different opinions and some people are going to have a favorite. They are willing to spend a lot more money to get a favorite breed but then again, others may just go to a shelter and give a dog a forever home. There are also some dogs that don’t have much favor in the community and pit bulls tend to fall into that category. As this amazing story is going to show you, however, pit bulls can do some incredible things.

My brother was walking his pit bull lab mix, Hurley, in our neighborhood field around 10 pm. He walks him this late so he can let him off his leash so he can do what he loves to do, explore all the different smells. He heard a young kid scream and before my brother knew it, Hurley took off after the scream.

With my brother close behind, he saw Hurley grab a copper head snake away from the little boy and fling it around, later found out he had killed it. The little boy ran to his mother’s vehicle and sped off so fast that my brother was unable to find out any information on the little boy. (We are assuming because they left so fast that he was bitten and being rushed to the ER)

My brother then went on to call animal control and the Highland Village Cops showed up to check out the scene. They asked to take a look at Hurley to see if he was bitten. To my brother’s surprise, he was bleeding, had a swollen neck and foaming from his mouth. Sure enough, they found two puncture wounds in his upper lip.

Shelby rushed Hurley to Denton Animal Emergency Hospital where he stayed the night so they could check his blood clotting ability multiple times throughout the night. Shelby and Hurley both got home this morning. Thank God, Hurley is doing a lot better this morning, just seems a little uncomfortable with his swollen face and neck.

It was later discovered the little boy had come across a copper head nest and hopefully, Hurley prevented him from getting bitten, or at least getting bitten multiple times. We are still trying to find out who the little boy is and make sure he is okay.

Here’s our hero pit bull. I’d like for his story to get around for those who judge his breed.

The man’s sister urged others to share the story in order to combat negative stereotypes about pit bulls, and so far it’s working. The story was shared more than 200,000 times in just a few days, with thousands of people leaving heartwarming feedback.

“Hurley is a hero,” said one Facebook user. “Bless his sweet heart for saving that little boy,” she added.

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