Man Was So Proud Of His Big Mean Tough-As-Nails Guard Dog

Guard dogs can be great protectors for folks looking for a pet that can be both a companion and home security system. Lots of breeds are known for being excellent guard dogs such as pitbull, Doberman pitchers, German Shepards, and Great Mastiffs. Others, such as Pomeranians, poodles, and chihuahua, might make decent alarms but won’t do much else for you security-wise. However, pets should never be used as security guards; every pup deserves love and kindness. Unfortunately, there are those who just want monsters guarding their stuff. The man in this fictional joke was one such person. However, he soon found out that every dog has his day.

A man was very proud of his Guard Dog.

He would leave it to roam free in the garden to sow the world his house was guarded.

One day a woman knocked at his door.

“Is that your big dog outside?”

Wondering how she had got past him he said: “Yes why?”

She said “I’m sorry but my dog just killed him!”

“What?” Roared the man “What kind of dog have you got?”

“A Peke” Replied the woman.

“A Peke? How could that little thing kill my big fine guard dog?”

“I think it got stuck in his throat!” replied the woman.

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