Mrs. Parks asked her class a question

A 6th grade class were having a science class when the teacher, Mrs. Parker, asked a question that left the young minds a bit puzzled. The classroom was filled with awkward silence as the students tried to come up with an answer while they were secretly looking at each other in confusion.

The question was: “Class, can anyone tell me which human body part increases to ten times its size when stimulated?”

Finally, after some time, a student named Mary, a girl with outspoken nature, decided to stand up and take a stand. “Mrs. Parks, you should not be asking sixth-graders a question like that! I’m going to tell my parents, and they’ll surely report this to the principal, who will have no choice but to fire you!” Mary said with an angry voice.

Mrs. Parks held her composure and she simply repeated the question yet again. “Now, class, can anyone tell me which body part increases to ten times its size when stimulated?”

Mary couldn’t believe her teacher’s words and her inappropriate questioning.

She then whispered to the rest of the class: “Boy, is she going to get in big trouble!”

Mrs. Parks then encouraged the class to provide her with an answer by asking: “Anybody?”

Fearful that they could be misunderstood if they try to give an answer, the students remained silent. But then, a student named Billy, a very clever boy, stood up and with an obvious nervousness in his trembling voice, answered: “The body part that increases ten times its size when stimulated is the pupil of the eye.”

The class suddenly felt relieved as Mrs. Parks praised Billy for his contribution to the lesson.

The teacher then turned her attention to Marry, and with a playful glint in her eye told her: “As for you, young lady, I have three things to say: One, you have a dirty mind. Two, you didn’t read your homework. And three, one day you are going to be very, very disappointed.”

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