Roughly 50 Percent of People Can’t Read This Message, Can You?

The human brain is an incredible marvel. In fact, despite the advances in technology, there isn’t a computer today that can match the processing power of the human brain. It’s capable of more things than we can imagine, mainly because most of its processing takes place subconsciously. For example, when you pick up a glass and take a drink, there are so many calculations at work, it could crash many computers!

When we speak to others, our brains work very hard not just to interpret their words, but the context and even their body language. Another thing our brains can do is understand complex patterns; often, our brains see things before our conscious mind catches on. For example, the paragraph in the image below is made up of jumbled words. However, roughly 50 percent of people on the planet can easily read the message, while the other 50 percent can not.

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