Unfaithful Husband Leaves Wife For Secretary

Revenge is something that we often teach our kids not to pursue; however, let’s face it. Revenge is a natural part of our DNA that nearly impossible for most of us to resist. While the feeling may not last for long, the euphoric and triumphant high we feel when we see those who wronged us get their just desserts is a feeling that’s hard to describe. It sort of feels like for one brief moment, everything in the universe is as it should be as the displeasure of our foes fill our hearts with dark joy. The wife in this joke knows just what I’m talking about.

37 years of marriage weren’t important for Jake when he decided to leave his wife for his much younger secretary. His new lover naturally insisted on living in his and Edith’s very expensive home. His lawyers won in the lawsuit, and Jake was free to live in the house with his lover. He gave Edith three days to leave. On the first day, she packed her stuff into box crates and suitcases. The second day the movers came to get her things. On the third day, she sat in the dinning-room for the last time. She had a pound of shrimp, a jar of caviar, and a bottle of Chardonnay.

When she was done with lunch, she went into each and every room and placed a half-eaten shrimp shell soaked in caviar into the hollow of all of the curtain rods. Then she went back into the kitchen, cleaned it, and left the house. Her husband and his new lover moved in, and everything was great for the first several days.

Gradually, a horrible smell began to spread around the house. It was unbearable- they first tried cleaning the house and airing it. They ensured that there weren’t any dead rodents and washed the carpets. They had air fresheners everywhere.

They even brought exterminators in order to set off gas canisters. They had to move out of the house for several days. They also replaced the wool carpeting, which was pretty expensive. But the smell remained and was getting worse.

Their friends stopped coming by, and even their repairman couldn’t work anymore in the house. The maid quit.

They were forced to move out. The smell was so strong.

They put the house for sale, but no buyers could be found, even after the price was cut on half.

Their story spread around the city quickly, and even their local realtors avoided to return their calls. They were forced to take a huge loan from the bank to buy a new house.

Edith called her ex-husband to ask him how the things were working out for him. He told her about his problems with the house. She listened and told him that she misses the house so bad that she would decrease her divorce settlement in exchange for taking the house back.

He was thinking that fortune had smiled upon him and agreed to sell her the house for one-tenth its value. He had only one condition: she needed to sign the papers that day. She agreed, and the deed was done within one hour.

One week later, the two lovers watched with relief as the movers packing their things and taking them into their new house.

Including the curtain rods…

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