Wife’s Alarms Go Off After Husband Asks Her To Pack Silk Pajamas For Fishing Trip

Marriage as an ideal is one of the most rewarding experiences human beings can have within our lifetimes. There is nothing like being able to share a lifetime of treasured experiences and memories with someone who truly understands and accepts you. However, marriage is not all sunshine and rainbows; it takes a lot of hard work to keep it going strong. There are bound to be those occasions when things don’t feel as new and exciting as they once felt. But, there are never any good excuses for cheating. The wife in this joke smells something fishy when her husband asks her to pack his new silk pajamas for a company “fishing trip.” What he doesn’t know is that she’s one step ahead of his smelly scheme.
A man calls home to his wife and says, “Honey I have been asked to go fishing at a big lake up in Canada with my boss and several of his friends. We’ll be gone for a week. This is a good opportunity for me to get that promotion I’ve been wanting, so would you please pack me enough clothes for a week and set out my rod and fishing box.
We’re leaving from the office and I will swing by the house to pick my things up. Oh! And please pack my new blue silk pajamas.”
The wife thinks this sounds a little fishy but being a good wife she does exactly what her husband asked. The following weekend he comes home a little tired but otherwise looking good.
The wife welcomes him home and asks if he caught many fish. He says, “Yes! Lots of Walleye, some Blue gill, and a few Pike. But why didn’t you pack my new blue silk pajamas like I asked you to do?”
The wife replies; “I did, they were in your fishing box.”

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