Woman Wakes Up From Labor Horrified To Learn Her Cajun Brother Named Her Babies For Her

When it comes to making certain decisions, there are folks in our lives who we trust; while there are others, we wouldn’t leave alone for five minutes to run a lemonade stand. Different people have different strengths and weaknesses, and some are just not good when it comes to making practical choices. Whether it’s a sister with a face tattoo of her ex-boyfriend’s name or an uncle who spends most of his time online trying to prove that mythological creatures really exist, there are just some folks who you just don’t want to count on when important decisions need to be made. And in this fictional joke, a woman wakes up after labor to find that her cajun brother took the liberty of naming her kids.

A woman pregnant with twins goes into labor unexpectedly.

Her brother drove her to the hospital since her husband was away on business. It was a very risky delivery, and the doctors had to put her under during the procedure.

The woman woke up and immediately asked, “Are my babies okay?”

The nurse on call said reassuringly, “Oh yes; your children were born healthy, a boy and a girl. However — your brother had to name them because we needed to get the birth certificates filled out.”

Nervously, she asked, “What did he name my daughter?”

“Denise,” the nurse replied.

Relieved, the woman said, “That’s a lovely name! I was worried he’d come up with something truly awful. And my son?”


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